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The Centre for Research in Economics of Education is part of the Department of Economics at the University of Berne and is active in most fields of Economics of Education. It is financed by external partners, hence the focus of the research is mostly decided by the mandating institution.

The Centre for Research in Economics of Education is also part of the Swiss Leading House VPET-ECON: A Research Center on the Economics of Education, Firm Behavior and Training Policies.



Schmeller Price for Master Thesis

The economic society of the canton of Bern has awarded the Schmeller Price to Luca Moretti – a former staff member of the Centre for Resarch in Economics of Education – for his master thesis. His work is incorporated into the Leading House Working Paper No. 137 on differences of firm’s costs and benefits of apprenticeship training in Austria and Switzerland.

University of Tübingen

Keynote on STEM and gender

On the occasion of the 60th founding anniversary ceremony of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IAW) at the University of Tübingen, Germany, Stefan Wolter held one of the two keynote lectures entitled:
"STEM and gender: or why is it so difficult to get girls into math-intensive careers?"


A roundtable with the King of the Belgians

In a round table, organised for a delegation headed by the King of the Belgians in Lucerne, Stefan Wolter informed about the Swiss vocational education system. King Philippe was accompanied by several ministers and the EC Commissioner for employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility Marianne Thyssen.


Presentation at the University of Bath

Stefan Wolter was invited by the Economics Department to speak at the University of Bath about gender, competitiveness and career choices along the whole ability distribution.


Elected as Chairman of the Committee of Economics of Education

Stefan Wolter has been elected new chairman of the Standing Field Committee of Economics of Education of the Verein für Socialpolitik and thus also member of the Executive Council of the German Economic Association.

This Association is the oldest association of economists in the German-speaking area and counts more than 1’200 professors and 2’000 young academics from more than 20 countries as its members. The association has 24 Standing Field Committees. The Field Committee of Economics of Education has existed since 1975 and counts more than 60 members.


Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the AEA in Chicago

The Paper: «Gender, competitiveness and study choices in high school - evidence from Switzerland», written by Prof. Stefan Wolter (University of Berne) and Prof. Thomas Buser (University of Amsterdam), was presented by Prof. Noémi Peter (University of Groningen) at the Annual Conference of the American Economic Association in Chicago and selected for the Papers and Proceedings of the American Economic Review. This research paper examines the specialization choices of Bernese Baccalaureate school students.


15 years of research on costs and benefits of VET

Stefan Wolter held a keynote on research results from 15 years of research on costs and benefits of vocational education and training at the first Conference of the Centre for Vocational Education Research (CVER) at the London School of Economics.



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