Forschungsstelle für Bildungsökonomie


Jahrestagung 2019, Universität Göttingen

7./8. März 2019

Tagungsort: Universität Göttingen, Historische Sternwarte, Geismar Landstr. 11, Göttingen

Generalthema: „Wissenschafts- und Hochschulforschung“


Jan Marcus: The Effects of Tuition Fees on Study Duration and Completion in the Population of German Students

Simon Janssen: Specificity of Skill Bundles and the Effects of Trade Shocks on Wages

Ulf Zoelitz: The Value of a Peer

Simone Balestra: A Case for Mainstreaming? The Impact of Peers with Special Needs

Keynote Lecture: Gianni De Fraja: Incentives and Careers in Academia: Theory and Empirical Analysis

Kerstin Schneider: Early Detection of Students at Risk - Predicting Student Dropouts Using Administrative Student Data and Machine Learning Methods

Malte Sandner: The Early Career Gender Wage Gap among University Graduates

Keynote Lecture: Raimund Berg, Katharina Lerche: Wissenschafts- und Hochschulforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis


Silke Anger, Sarah Bernhard, Hans Dietrich, Alexander Patzina, Malte Sandner: Job Counseling Before Labor Market Entry – Concept of an Evaluation of Intensive Job Counseling in High Schools

Lutz Bellmann, Harald Pfeifer, Felix Wenzelmann: The Incidence of Reductions of Regular Training Durations in Apprenticeship Contracts in Germany

Raphael Brade, Oliver Himmler, Robert Jäckle: Normatively Framed Relative Performance Feedback. Field Experiment and Replication

Katja Görlitz: Labor Supply, Wages and Firm Sorting

Daniel Schnitzlein, Daniel Graeber: The Effect of Maternal Education on Children's Mental Health

Ludger Woessmann, Annika B. Bergbauer, Eric A. Hanushek: Testing

Maria Zumbuehl, Stefanie Hof, Stefan C. Wolter: Same Scores But Different Skills? Educational Success After Private Tutoring