Forschungsstelle für Bildungsökonomie

Jahrestagung 2018, Universität Bern

15./16. März 2018

Tagungsort: Universität Bern, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern

Generalthema: „Ökonomie der Berufs- und Erwachsenenbildung“


Jens Ruhose: Wider Benefits of Continuous Work-Related Training

Katja Kaufmann: Gender Peer Effects, Non-Cognitive Skills and Marriage Market Outcomes: Evidence from Single-Sex Schools in the UK

Fabian Kosse: Equal Opportunities in Access to Higher Education: Evidence from the Randomization of a National Policy in Chile

Daniel Schunk: Primary School Students Benefit from Working Memory Training in Class: A Randomized Field Experiment

Thomas Zwick: Tertiary Vocational Education Beats Academic Education? Earnings Developments of Matched Young Men

Keynote Lecture: Sandra McNally: Economics of VET in England: policy and research challenges

Harald Pfeifer: The individual preferences of decision makers and firms’ investment in worker training

Jürg Schweri : Do social norms increase firms’ willingness to provide training?

Uschi Backes-Gellner: Effects of Universities of Applied Sciences on Innovation

Keynote Lecture: Ursula Renold: Übertragbarkeit eines Berufsbildungswesens auf andere Länder - Herausforderungen für Wissenschaft und Praxis


Backes-Gellner, Uschi & Christian Eggenberger: Specificity of Skills and the Effects of Trade Shocks

Bellmann, Lutz, Olaf Hübler & Ute Leber: Works councils, training and workers‘ satisfaction

Bietenbeck, Jan, Sanna Ericsson & Fredrick Wamalwa: Preschool Attendance, School Progression, and Cognitive Skills in East Africa

Dietrich, Hans, Hans-Dieter Gerner, Harald Pfeifer: The double effect of the Great Recession on firm based training in Germany

Eisenkopf, Gerard, Michael Dörsam & Guido Schwerdt: The Incentive Effect of Tracking on Student Effort and Skill Development

Jaik, Katharina & Stefan C. Wolter: From Dreams to Reality: Market forces and changes in occupational choices in the apprenticeship market

Schnitzlein, Daniel & Daniel Gräber: Parental Education and the Offspring’s Mental Health

Woessmann, Ludger, Marc Piopiunik, Guido Schwerdt & Lisa Simon: Skills, Signals, and Employability: An Experimental Investigation

Zumbühl, Maria & Stefan C. Wolter: The native-migrant gap in progressing into and through upper-secondary education